Welcome to Tough & Easy Patio Door & Wheelie Bin Locks

All our Tough & Easy Patio Door & Wheelie Bin Locks & Bungee Straps are custom designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom from thick, strong steel, power coated & baked to give a strong resistant surface.

All are manufactured  from high quality materials and all include a 10 year warranty (excludes padlock, screws & rawl plugs & paint chips & scratches)

Tough & Easy Patio Door Locks – for most types of door
Tough & Easy Wheelie & Biffa Bin Locks
Tough & Easy Wheelie Bin Lid Straps

We manufacture & market these products so giving you the best price. Unfortunately, other firms have copied our products using thinner softer metal with standard paint. Only genuine ‘Tough & Easy’ products are constructed from thick, strong steel, power coated & baked giving them strength & durability along with a 10 years warranty.

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