Conduit Bending Guide

Conduit Bending Guide
(Wow, Its free. Just click on the pages and print)


Updated and refined, if your wanting an easy life buy this guide. Anyone that wants an easy way to bend, set or manufacture bubbles etc (without tweaking, re-bending or wasting conduit) look no further.

With this guide you will now be able to create perfect sets to your measurements; perfect 90 degree bends, bubbles and double sets, all first time, every time.
This guide goes further than any college, skill centre or text book. Pages of this guide have never been seen by colleges etc. It’s unique, mind blowing and very easy to understand. If you have been let down by your employer, college trainers or coarse budget cuts, here is the answer.


This is now free, just print it off. If you find that it’s any good, please pass it on and help someone else out, it’s simple.
If you feel it’s worth paying for, make a donation to your own charity.
I will do the same with the trunking guide shortly.