Wheelie Bin Lock

Wheelie Bin Lock


This Wheelie Bin Lock stops your domestic wheelie bin from blowing over and being stolen.

Powder coated black
Complete with padlock and fixing screws

Item Price: £11.49
Delivery: £3.90

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Wheelie Bin Lid Lock

Supplied with fixing screws (self tapers). Fits all domestic wheelie bins (padlock not supplied)

Item Price: £11.99
Delivery: £3.90

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Supplied with the wheelie bin fixing screws( self tapers). Fits all domestic wheelie bins (padlock not supplied).

This unit will lock the bin to the wall and stop the lid from being opened.

Please supply your own padlock. Wheelie bin combined lid and wall or post lock, very strong, mild steel, powder coated black, for domestic wheelie bins.

This Wheelie Bin Lock will lock your bin to a wall or post and lock the lid shut. It works best fitted as shown in the photo, as it locks the lid shut 100%. It can also be used by locking the bin handle to the wall, or by just locking the lid; try the different combinations once purchased.


  • Fit bracket A at the position shown in the photo onto the bin (this must be as close as possible to the plastic bin 90 fold) using the 2 self tapers supplied (as shown). You will require a 2.5 mm drill bit  for this.
  • Put brackets B and C together as shown. Sliding bracket B into your already fitted bracket A, push the bin and brackets against your wall or post.
  • Position bracket B tight against the lid of the bin, marking  the top of bracket C with a pencil against the wall or post.
  • Fix bracket C to the wall with your own fixings.

This unit will help prevent your bin from being stolen, blown over by the wind and prevent other people looking through your bin or depositing their rubbish.

The unit above was designed and made in the UK.

Item Price: £ 15.00
Delivery: £ 3.90

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